Rebel Crossfire

I didn’t mention I like Assassins Creed a lot as well. This is how not to blend in…
I like Assassins Creed cosplay and parkour as well. Its helpful, especially if you want to escape reality or escape someone/something.

Has anyone ever wished for a Celtic Asssassin? I mean, come on, the Celts were Brutal, Intense even! I’ve never been to Ireland, (yet!) But it would be amazing traversing the Emerald Isle. 
The game could take place *right* before the Roman conquest, (After Aquilis’s death of course), during Roman rule, and during the Fall of Rome, It would also be amazing to team up the gladiatorial Assassin Aquilis, (Considering he’s a ancestor of Desmond) Think of the Children, Laddies! The Music! The BEER! The ALE! (Don’t Drink, folks!)
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Crossover concept : Brave & Assassin’s Creed
How To Get A Job At Rooster Teeth According to Ray Narvaez Jr.:


Blow Burnie

I’m surprised they don’t have more employes

When you meet someone equally as weird as you






I feel like this is essentially how all of my friendships start.

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I’m going down , they yelling captain overboard!
I am a romance option.
- Keythe Farley as Thane, PAX East 2014 (via lamusiquelavie)